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A strong presence is the first step toward success. 81% of all consumers search online before making a decision where to eat. Restaurants listed on the top of search results get more customers. With Platr’s Search Listing Manager, you are getting the most powerful set of tools you need to start building your online visibility.
With in 6-weeks of starting to use Platr’s Search Listing manager you should be in the top search listings in your local market. For example, when your customers search for “restaurants in your local market” your restaurant should be amongst the top restaurant listings. In highly competitive markets it can take a bit longer. Talk to a Platr search specialist to get a sense for how long it might take for your restaurant to get top search listings.
For achieving top search ranking, priority is given to good customer experience on mobile devices. Consumers will use mobile devices to find restaurants and will generally begin these searches with a category or brand search. For example, a brand search is “Joe’s Pizza in Denver” and a category search is “Pizza in Denver”. (Note: On a mobile device the “in Denver” often does not need to be explicit.) In the case of a category search, the user has intent to purchase something in a category but has not decided or does not care about the brand. In these searches, the user’s intent is generally heavily skewed toward proximity and location. So search engines generally deliver the closest locations and it is therefore important that location information is crawl-able, is displayed on each page, and is in meta-data and keywords.