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Hi Camila. Thanks for signing up to get great Promos and Offers from us. Joe's Pizza.
Happy Birthday! Camila. Remember you get a FREE DESSERT with your meal this month. Joe's Pizza.
Hey Camila - Use TENOFF for $10 discount on your next order of $50 or more. Thanks! Joe's Pizza.
Why SMS Marketing?

SMS: The Most Powerful Growth
Tool For Every Restaurant

Why Platr?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our SMS marketing solution is designed to help you reach your existing customers with targeted promotions and offers?
SMS marketing can be a powerful tool for restaurants to engage with customers, promote special offers, and increase customer loyalty. SMS messages have the highest open rates, the fastest response rates and the best redemption rates when compared with other marketing channels.
The Platr marketing team will help you jump start the process of building you SMS marketing database. We often recommend offering incentives such as discounts, coupons, free dessert etc. to instore restaurants via QR code, emails and social media campaigns to invite opt-ins, referral programs, and sometimes running targeted ads for restaurant chains with reward programs. Remember, building a quality SMS marketing database takes time, so be patient and focus on providing meaningful offers to keep subscribers engaged and interested in your restaurant’s promos.
A compliant opt-in SMS marketing database is a collection of mobile phone numbers obtained with explicit consent from customers who have agreed to receive promotional messages and updates from your restaurant. It adheres to data privacy regulations and ensures subscribers have willingly opted to receive SMS communications; and have the ability to opt out easily e.g., by sending a STOP reply.
Typically, it’s recommended to send no more than 2-4 messages per month to avoid overwhelming your audience. However, the optimal frequency can vary based on the nature of your restaurant, the relevance of your offers, and customer preferences. Platr will help you monitor customer engagement and feedback to adjust the frequency as needed.
Every Platr subscription comes with 500 SMS messages per month. Additional messages can be purchased as needed at $4 per 100 messages.
The ideal length for your restaurant’s SMS marketing message should be concise and to the point. The total length of the message should not exceed 160 characters, which is the standard character limit for a single SMS. Remember to allow room for personalization e.g., customer names which can vary greatly in length and a link e.g., to your restaurant’s website, of reservations partner page. This ensures that the entire message is delivered in one text without being broken into multiple parts.
Our proven methodology sends SMS campaigns for every promotion that you run for your restaurant. Adopting our best-in-class method will require minimal input from you or your staff. Our new customers typically learn to use and start sending SMS marketing campaigns in about 15 minutes. Should you want to create your own SMS marketing messages and calendar just contact us at and we will help implement your custom program.
You will need to provide a valid coupon-code or discount-code which we will include in your custom email campaign.

For TakeOut7 online ordering customers we will retrieve your promotions and details from the system or reach out to you any missing details. If you are not a TakeOut7 online ordering customer, you will need to provide.

  • A link to your online ordering pages
  • A valid discount/coupon code
  • Valid start and end date