Repeat customers, and the dollars they drive for your restaurant, are the mainstay of your restaurant’s revenue. Your restaurant needs an efficient, easy, inexpensive method to communicate with the clients and Email is the preferred method of business-to-consumer marketing for over 80% of consumers.

Research shows that 74% of restaurants aren’t using email marketing to communicate with their customers. That low usage rate offers your restaurant an advantage if you get going on a robust email marketing program. You can use email for reminders, general communications, promotions, special events and more. The uses are unlimited, and your clients want to hear from you.

Reminder Campaigns

A good email campaign to communicate with your customers should be sent every week for 10 days. That frequency gives you plenty of opportunity to use Reminder Email Marketing Campaigns to engage with your customers. If you stay engaged with messaging your customers they are more likely to visit or to order online from your restaurant. if you aren’t tooting your own horn nobody will.

Promotional Campaigns

A recent Harvard study shows that getting just 5% of your customers to come to your restaurant on a regular basis could increase your revenue by 25 to 95%( Since your existing customers are so valuable to you, why not engage them at least occasionally with dollars off or % of promotions. They will respond and that response can be life changing for your restaurant.

Relationship Building Campaigns

Wishing your customers s happy new year or sending out best wishes or holiday greetings is subtle but strong way to create goodwill with your customers. Done right and a few different times a year gives your restaurant’s brand a boost, and a special place in the mind of your customers. When you make your customers feel special, they are likely to come more often, give your restaurant great reviews and ratings and refer their friends and family.

Automated Email Marketing For Restaurants

Automated Email Marketing program is the easiest way for your restaurant to stay on top of your email marketing. The best and most economical tool to use is provided by Platr,co. with you the features are endless for email marketing and all of it can easily be automated and customized for your restaurant.

With you can easily make your email marketing:

• Handsfree if you choose
• Frequent to keep your restaurant top of mind for your customers
• Relevant with reminders and promotions targeted to your customer.
• Effective by using Platr’s vast library of proven reminders and promotions.
• Compliant with CAN-SPAM, using only confirmed opted-in email records, automated suppression of opt-outs, and adherent to all legislation mandated by the Federal Trade Commission.
• Secure, compliant, and based on a dynamic database of opt-in information of your customers.


Email marketing is your best and most cost-effective channel to maximize your repeat business. Your customers are your best answer for incremental and reliable revenue for your restaurants. Be certain to communicate regularly with them to keep your restaurant top of mind. There is simply no better or more economical way to improve your restaurant’s brand. Make sure your email marketing program includes:
• Reminder emails campaigns
• Promotional email campaigns
• Relationship email campaigns