Restaurant Review Requester

Online reviews have become the ultimate scorecard for independent restaurants. Your restaurant needs a Review Requester to ensure you are getting top-quality reviews.

Recent studies show that as many as 90% of consumers view online reviews before choosing the restaurant they will dine at. With nearly everybody using online reviews before choosing where they will dine you really have no option but to pay close attention to your review. While monitoring your reviews is important you must take action to ensure you get more reviews and importantly more 5-star reviews.

Here’s a quick guide on how to surely get lots of 5-star reviews

First thing to do is set a goal so you can achieve your desired results. Let’s say you have 150 Google reviews and an average star rating of 3.9. Let’s also assume for a moment that your closest competitors have more reviews and average star ratings of 4.0 to 4.3. If a consumer is deciding which restaurant in the area to eat you can bet the consumer is going to choose the comparable restaurant with the highest ratings.

Your goal, in this example, needs to be to get your reviews to 4.3 or better so let’s do the math. if your average is 3.9 stars with 10 reviews you would need 100 more reviews at 5.0 to get to 4.3. Seems tough to do but let’s look how Platr’s Review Requestor can help make the task easy and even fun.

Platr’s Review Requester is easy and fun to use

Platr will provide you with a custom and printable QR Code that directs the consumer to your restaurant’s third-party review site. You can print the QR Code on cards or save a link to the QR code on your mobile phone, or just save it to your mobile device as a photo.

When a customer tells you that they loved their food, service, or experience you can bet that consumer would leave you a 5-star review. That particular customer, at that particular time, is your best chance to get your star rating improved. Simply ask the consumer to review you using Review Requestor and in just a few minutes you’ll have another 5-star review and be on our way to achieving your goal.